Prayer for Ministers After They Have Ministered

Father, I thank You for the meeting tonight (today). I believe that You answered our prayers and Your will has been done, no matter what it looks or feels like. Lord, I believe I have done what You instructed me to do at this time and now I leave the working out of Your will to You. I thank You for the good seed of the Word that we have planted in this place at this time. I believe it will take root, grow and bear much fruit for Your kingdom. I praise You and thank You for the good seed already planted here in these people and for the opportunity to water what has already been planted. We also pray for those who will come after us to water again all that has been planted. I have preached Jesus the best I could. I have been the best channel for Your power that I could be at this time. To God be the Glory for the things He has done.

Father I feel so vulnerable, and ask you supply what I need at this time. Show me how to hear Your voice clearer. Heal me more – show me more truth. I rejoice in You Lord. I am content with You and what You have done through me. Now, I ask You to strengthen me, refresh me, restore me, enable me to rest and be ready for Your next assignment.

In Jesus’ Precious Name,