Promoting Someone

Father, I come to You regarding _____________. I believe that his/her attitude, talent, commitment and performance are what we need in this organization and are in keeping with the requirements of a new job opening in the company. For this reason, I feel in my heart that he/she should fill this position.
Lord, if there is some reason this individual should not be promoted, I ask You to reveal the reason to me right now. If that does not happen, Lord, then I am going to follow after my heart, operating out of the wisdom that You have given me, and promote this individual.
I thank You, Father, that in this situation the person sees clearly why he/she is being promoted. Help me to praise and reinforce those characteristics that I find worthy of promotion within him/her. Help me to make it clear that it is because of his/her attitude, behavior and performance that the promotion has come, and that there are many more such potential promotions in the future.
I ask, Father, that You help this individual to continue to manifest the same attitude, behavior and performance without getting puffed up with pride. Help him/her not to stop doing that which placed him/her into position to be promoted. Let this experience be a springboard to greater accomplishments, productivity and contributions rather than lesser ones. Help this individual to see that this is not the end but the beginning. Help him/her not to get entangled with the pride or arrogance or any other negative attributes that sometimes come with promotion.
Father, if this promotion means that this employee will be dealing with and/or managing people, help him/her to do so with a tender heart. May he/she never abuse his/her authority over anyone, but rather be sensitive and understanding, realizing that managers and supervisors are servants and not masters.
Help this person, Father, to be attuned to the needs of the people who work with him/her. Help him/her to be a coach and not a tyrant, an encourager and not a dictator. Help me to convey to this individual the importance of this truth, and help him/her to walk in its understanding and in the light of Your Word.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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