Single Female Trusting God for a Mate

Father, in the name of Jesus, I believe that You are providing Your very best for __________ and that the man who will be united with __________ in marriage has awakened to righteousness. Father, as You have rejoiced over Jerusalem, so shall the bridegroom rejoice over __________. Thank You, Father, that he will love __________ as Christ loves the Church. He will nourish, carefully protect and cherish __________.
Father, I believe, because he is Your best, that doubts, wavering and insincerity are not a part of him; but he speaks forth the oracles of God, acknowledging Your full counsel with all wisdom and knowledge. He does not speak or act contrary to the Word. He walks totally in love, esteeming and preferring others higher than himself.
Father, I believe that everything not of You shall be removed from __________’s life. And I thank You for the perfecting of Your Word in her life that she may be thoroughly furnished unto all good works. Father, I praise You for the performance of Your Word in her behalf. Amen.