Taking on a New Partner

Father, I feel in my heart that it is important that we take on a new partner in our business. And yet, I know that Your Word is very clear and specific regarding relationships and partnerships. Therefore, I pray, first of all, for Your wisdom, Your instruction. Although I feel in my heart that this move is necessary, if it is not best for the organization, please show us now.
If it is the right thing to do, I ask, Lord, that You send just the right partner, someone who has the same heart and commitment that we have. Above all, we are seeking someone who is committed to You, committed to Your Word and committed to operating and functioning with integrity and honesty. Thank You for a partner who is sincere and above reproach, someone who has the same goals and visions and desires that we do, and yet who brings a different and healthy perspective to the organization.
Lord, once the decision is made and we feel Your peace in our hearts, help us as we examine and select that partner who is to be added to our organization. I pray that he/she will not be someone who will simply duplicate what already exists in the company, but someone with innovative wisdom and insight, a new and fresh approach that will enhance the company’s ability to grow and turn a profit.
I pray that You will establish a true and lasting partnership between us, one that is godly in all its ways. I ask for a partnership that will bring this organization to greater heights and at the same time continue to be based on the rock-solid principles and foundations of Your eternal Word.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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