To Control the Tongue

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To control the tongue

Prayer to control the tongue

Father, I commit to turn from idle words and foolishly talking things that are contrary to my true desire for myself and toward others. Your Word says that the tongue defiles, that it sets on fire the course of nature, that it is set on fire of hell.
In the name of Jesus, I am determined to take control of my tongue.

I am determined that hell will not set my tongue on fire. I renounce, reject and repent of every word that has ever proceeded out of my mouth against You, Lord, and Your operation. I cancel its power and dedicate my mouth to speak excellent things and right things. My mouth shall utter truth.

Father, I attend to Your words; I consent and submit to Your sayings. I will not let them depart from my sight; I keep them in the center of my heart, for they are life to me and to those to whom I speak—healing and health to all our flesh. I keep and guard my heart with all vigilance and above all that I guard, for out of it flow the springs of life. I put away from me false and dishonest speech, and willful and contrary talk I put far from me. My eyes look right on [with fixed purpose], and my gaze is straight before me. I guard my mouth and my heart with all diligence. I refuse to give Satan any place in me.

Father, Your words are top priority to me. They are spirit and life. I let Your Word dwell in me richly in all wisdom. Your ability is released within me by the words of my mouth; therefore, I speak forth Your words. They are alive and working in me because You are alive and working in me. So I can boldly say that my words are words of faith, words of power, words of love and words of life. They produce good things in my life and in the lives of others. Because I choose Your words for my lips, I choose Your will for my life, and I go forth in the power of those words to perform them in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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