Undertaking a New Project

Lord, I lift up to You this new project which we are considering. I feel that it is one we should be a part of, something we should do, but I seek Your wisdom concerning it.
If it is not of You, Lord, please put a check in our spirits. Direct us to stop planning and working on it and to put a halt to any further waste of time and energy.
If it is of You, Father, then I thank You for Your counsel and assistance concerning it. Give us understanding and discernment in the preparation stages as we gather the information we need to devise a course of action and to plan the budget. Help us to accumulate the facts and figures we need to carry out this plan in accordance with Your will and purpose.
Thank You, Lord, for Your insight and wisdom. I ask You to give each of us guidance and direction by Your Holy Spirit so we will know how to assimilate the information we gather and use it to maximum advantage. Reveal to us any hidden costs or expenses so that we can take them into account in preparing an accurate budget and detailed forecast of both time and money.
Give all of us involved in this project the ability to concentrate our attention and focus our efforts so that we can successfully complete this undertaking and thereby bring honor and glory to You.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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