Your Children’s Direction for Life

Father, as I train up my children according to Your ways, I believe that they will dedicate themselves to live for You. They won’t know everything the future holds for them, but they will know that it is in Your hands. They will trust You to lead them and to be their guide in life. Lord, I trust You to prepare my children now for Your life plan for them. Thank You that they will have the wisdom to discern the right timing for what You would have them do in each season of their life. They will choose to love, obey, and cleave unto You with their whole body, soul, and spirit.
If college is in their future, please help them to select the right one. Thank You for providing the means for them to go. If it is not college, then prepare them for their job. Help them to recognize the skills You have given them so that they can develop those skills and give the glory to You. Give them understanding and light so that they are quick to learn. Thank You for the wisdom and light that come from You and Your Word.
I believe that my children depend on You to be a help to them in everything they do. If it is Your will for them to marry someday, thank You that You are not only preparing them, but that You are also working on their future spouse. Until that time comes, help them to be content in every situation.
They will depend upon You to provide for them—that You will supply all the money they need to do Your will. They will believe You to instruct and teach them which way to go. They will trust that You won’t make things confusing for them, but that You will make a clear path for them when they put You first.
Thank You that my children will read and meditate on Your words, which are a light for their path. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit Who will reveal to them Your plan for them. I believe my children treasure their life with and for You. Thank You, Father, for holding my children’s future in the palm of Your hand.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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