Loving the Little Children

On this day in 1978 we were excited to hear that we had a granddaughter, Rachel Marie Copeland. Those were delightful days when I watched this beautiful little girl playing with her two older brothers. We had good times going on trips and romping out in the courtyard at our home. The prayers of three generations have been poured out on behalf of this child-of-God who was created for His pleasure. I am honored to be her grandmother. God graced Rachel with a conviction that she could face any challenge, and gave her the courage to use the coping skills He had given her for the journey that she is walking. I applaud her for the years as a single mother she finished school, worked and nurtured her son who is now a productive young man. Today as a loving wife and mother of three other children and a Company Community Manager she continues to excel and receive awards. Her God-given love for children shines when we are together for large or small family get-togethers. Rachel’s God-ordained pathway here on earth has been paved with the prayers of past generations. She was born for such a time as this.

O God, how good You are to me. You set life and death before me and I have chosen life so I and my descendants may live and enjoy life. I thank You for giving me the opportunity to bless my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I bless these generations with the testimony of Your goodness and grace and pray that this heritage will be passed down to future generations. You are my hope, my deliverer, and I will declare Your love and strength to the next generation and Your power to everyone who is to come. Holy Spirit, instead of causing division with judgments, let me bridge the generational gaps with unconditional love, with Your truth and Your promises. Where there are mistakes, impatience and offense, Lord, bring healing, encouragement and redemption. Through family, friendships and associations You have linked our destinies across decades. Lord, by faith I will finish my assignment and be a living memorial to show future generations that You are upright and faithful to Your promises. You will not fail one word of Your promise, in the name of Jesus.
Scripture References: Psalm 71:18-19; Psalm 78:4; Isaiah 59:21