Love is Kind

Her beauty and many talents attracted the young traveling minister to the South Georgia farm girl. They had met when he was in town to conduct a series of revival meetings where she was the pianist. After a few months of correspondence and seeing each other when he was in the area they were married. After saying goodbye to family and friends they began the drive from the town known as “Syrup City” to Cedartown Georgia. Their itinerary included stops to meet with church officials. While meeting with the overseer, they received word that the church was still looking for a parsonage. After discussing what they should do, the newly-weds accepted the gracious invitation to stay with the overseer and his family. Many years later my mother, who was kind to everyone, shared how much she learned about parenting as she watched the mother care for her six children with kind words wrapped in love. She asked the Holy Spirit to help her always speak words of kindness to her children who were yet to be born. My mother, Donnis Brock Griffin, was an example of kindness to everyone who knew her.

Father, I ask You to forgive me for using sarcasm as a defense and speaking harsh, unkind words to others. I choose to submit to the Word of God that sifts, analyzes and judges the very thoughts and purposes of my heart. Reveal incorrect thought patterns that are contrary to Your will. By the grace of God I will bring them into subjection to Jesus, who was bruised for my guilt and iniquities. The chastisement [needful to obtain] my peace and well-being was upon Him, and with the stripes that wounded Him I am healed and made whole. With the help of the Holy Spirit I choose to be kind, caring, considerate and thoughtful of others. I abide in Jesus and His Word abides in me. I am filled with light and truth, peace and love, benevolence and forgiveness. I choose to offer skillful and godly Wisdom, and submit to the law of kindness. It is my desire to be controlled by Your love that has been poured into my heart by the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, remind me to be kind to others, tenderhearted, forgiving others as You forgave me, in the name of Jesus.
Scripture References: 1 John 1:9; Hebrews 4:12 (AMP); 2 Corinthians 10:5-6; Isaiah 53:5 (AMP); Ephesians 4:32