Born of Love

A study of God’s Word reveals that Love is the greatest thing in the world. You were created to love and be loved. Far too many people have searched for love in “all the wrong places,” and feel unloved and unlovable. When you experience God’s unconditional love you receive a different perspective on life. His Love drives fear out of doors. From early childhood your thought patterns are developed by a generational culture that has been passed down by parents and grandparents. God searches for one in every generation who will let go of man-made defenses, and trust His love to fulfill that God-shaped hole in every soul. As a child you developed mental (soulish) defenses, which enabled you to function and protect yourself from additional hurts and disappointments. When you were a child, you spoke like a child, and reasoned like a child. The very defenses that helped you function in childhood become strongholds that work against you when you are an adult. The generational thought patterns squeezed your mind into certain brain twisters that affect your relationships, and you filter almost everything through distorted thinking. But now that you have become an adult, and are secure in God’s love, you can put an end to childish things. The image in the mirror that was shaped by the familial ideas of past generations created a false you, but now that you are born of Love you can see others face-to-face. You accept the person God created you to be and you can accept others knowing that God loves them as much as He loves you…just as much as He loves Jesus!

Lord of all, I am thankful that You have given me the authority to become a child of God. I belong to God, and everyone who knows God will listen to me. But the people who don’t know God won’t listen to me. That is how I can tell the Spirit that speaks the truth from the one that tells lies. I submit my emotions to the control of the Holy Spirit who helps me imitate You, my Father. I must love others because Love comes from You and when I love others, it shows that I have been given new life. All who have received Jesus are Your children and we know You. Father-God, You are love! When I walk in love I will know completely in the same way that I am completely known, in the name of Jesus!
Scripture References: John 1:12 (AMP); Ephesians 5:1; 1 Corinthians 13 4-13; 1 John 4:6-8