War On Debt

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We here at Word Ministries are praying for you, your family, your finances, health and the many other requests that come in daily. We do believe that as we grow and learn that we have a moral obligation to share this information with you, our family and friends. The top four areas that prayer is requested for are finances, health, family and the workplace. We want to share with you tools that will help you in these areas. We can pray every hour of every day but we have to put action with our prayers.

God has placed laws in effect that govern this Earth and He will not violate His laws. When we operate within these laws we will succeed in everything we do. People in the world who do not know Jesus have used these laws and they still worked for them. If you are struggling in any of these areas then it is time for us, the Body of Christ to invest in ourselves and operate by God’s laws.

You must declare war on debt and get debt out of your life!!! We are looking for people who want to live “DEBT FREE” and owe no man anything but to love them. If you want to join this awesome group of people fill out the form below and you will start receiving the instructional and educational emails.

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You can get rid of all your debt, including your home mortgage, in 5-7 years or less!

Thank you for your interest in becoming debt-free. We are looking for people who are serious about getting out of debt together. This will be a long term relationship where we work together, become accountable to one another and help each other to become financially independent. I promise you that I will be open and honest with you and I can tell you that this is a program that will cause you to look at debt in a whole new way and YOU WILL BECOME financially independent if YOU are willing to do the work and use the tools.

– David Copeland


Here are some excellent resources for you to use in the top four prayer areas. If you need help in any of these areas then we encourage you to get these resources, listen to them and apply the principles and the laws that you will learn to be successful in that area.

For Finances

Dani Johnson
The War on Debt

Dave Ramsey
The Seven Baby Steps

Crown Financial
Charting a Financial Roadmap

For Family

we must learn to communicate with one another including our children whether they are newborns or adults.

Dani Johnson
Grooming the Next Generation for Success

For Health

A More Excellent Way
Dr. Henry Wright

God’s Creative Power
Charles Capps

For the Workplace

Dani Johnson
Unlimited Success

Dani Johnson
Job Dominination

Adam Gurian
10 Workplace Tips