Dear friend, as we enter the third month of this year you may already have many things on your daily calendar to do. It would be easy to say there is no time to pray for all the nations listed below! I challenge you this month to print the prayer assignments and keep them in your prayer room or your bible. As time and opportunity arises during the day ask the Holy Spirit how to pray for a particular nation. Listen for His instructions and follow them in faith. Ask the Lord for a compassionate heart for the people of these nations. Consider looking up additional information or keep a globe or map nearby to help you identify where your prayers are going. Whether you have only one minute or one hour to pray please remember that it is connected to thousands of others intercessors around the world and you are making a difference!Please remember to pray for the armed forces stationed all over the world and their families.

DAY:1: Belgium: There is a lack of Belgian pastors and priests, especially in the northern Flemish area. Less than half of the leaders in the Flemish churches are from that area. The average age of their priest is 64!
Pray for the leadership of the church in Belgium.
Pray for new life in the church and for many Belgians to be called into leadership in the church.

2. Belize: Most Belizeans would call themselves Christians, but in each different culture there are underlying superstitions or black magic. Many new Christians fall away because there isn’t enough follow-up to help people understand how to live out their faith
Pray that Spanish speakers, Caribbean Garifuna and Mayans would all have the chance to hear the truth about Jesus in a way that is culturally relevant.

3. Benin: More people follow traditional ethnic religions in Benin than in any other African nation. Voodoo has its origins in the ethnic religion of the Fon peoples and many are tied up in fear and superstition.
Pray that the freedom of knowing Jesus would break into people’s lives.
A million people live in Benin’s cities and Christians have grown from a few hundred to over 30% of the population. There is still a need for Christians to reach out to the Muslim urban population (20%)
Loads of young people have become Christians and there are student groups meeting around the country.
Pray that these young people would continue to grow in their passion for God.

3. Bermuda: Bermuda is tourist hot spot and a popular tax haven. Most Bermudans are well off – in fact Bermuda is the wealthiest Black-majority territory in the world.
Pray that Christians in Bermuda would get more involved financially and spiritually to support missions.

4. Bhutan: Bhutan is one of the least evangelized nations in the world. King Wangchuk and the government reinforce the hold of Buddhism over the country.
Pray for spiritual freedom for all in Bhutan. Bhutan was totally closed to Christians until 1965 and even now only a small number of organisations are allowed in and only if they are helping to run hospitals or schools. There is strictly no evangelism allowed!
Pray that despite all these restrictions everyone in Bhutan would get to hear the gospel.

5.-6. Bolivia: Churches are growing, but because many people can’t read it can be a challenge to teach the bible. Over half of the population is children or teenagers but the church doesn’t understand how to reach out to them and bring them into a relationship with God.
Pray that leaders can creatively disciple people so that they fully understand the gospel and what God wants for their lives.
50% of the all the world’s cocaine is grown in Bolivia. Pray for the country’s Christian leaders and political leaders as they try to deal with the issue
Pray that they would have integrity and concern for the families who depend on the money they make from the crops.

7. Bosnia: 1.3 million refugees fled Bosnia during the war. Only a quarter of those have returned and many of them are still homeless.
Pray for all those struggling to rebuild their lives.
In 2000 Christians began to work with the 30,000 students in the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo.
Pray that the young people there would really open their hearts to God

8. Botswana: The Tswana peoples were some of the first to hear the gospel through British missionaries in the 19th century. A hundred years later most are still ‘Christian’ in name only – without it having any real meaning in their lives.
Pray that the amazing truth and love of Jesus would be a reality!
The Kalahari Desert covers 80% of the country. The San, who once lived in the desert, have seen their way of life completely destroyed as mining, farming and tourism have taken over. Now living in poverty on the outskirts of towns and cities, thousands have become Christians.
Pray that their cultural identity and identity in Christ can survive as they adapt to these changes.
One in three Botswanans have contracted HIV – the highest rate of infection in the world. 60,000 children have been orphaned through AIDS and half of the student population is infected.
Pray for the ministry of churches in Botswana as they deal with this crisis.

9-11. Brazil: There is so much injustice in much of Brazilian society, against the poor, underprivileged children and the tribal Brazilian Indian peoples.
Pray for God’s justice to be restored. There are more Catholics in Brazil than anywhere else, but the majority of Brazilians are involved with spiritism too. Loads of people claim to be Christian but would visit a spiritist doctor or medium for healing or advice! Over 50% of Brazilians are under 18.
Pray that the church can communicate God’s truth to this generation and effectively disciple them.
Pray for the growing movement to plant new churches that are relevant to youth.
Pray that the mission movement in Brazil continues to grow and that those sent out from Brazil are well supported, protected and encouraged at home and overseas.

12. British Indian Ocean Territory: The British Indian Ocean Territory is a string of tiny islands in the Indian Ocean. Apart from a UK-US naval base (with around 2,000 people) no-one lives there, as all the original islanders were evicted and sent to Mauritius in 1968.
The islanders have won a High Court ruling in the UK giving them permission to return, although this decision may be opposed by the US.
Pray for a revelation of Jesus Christ of Nazareth on all of the islands.
12. British Virgin Island: The British Virgin Islands are a cluster of 60 Caribbean islands, of which 15 have people living on them. The islands’ motto is a biblical one; ‘where there’s no vision the people will perish’.
Use this as a prayer for the Christians living there – that they would have a passion to see others saved

The British Virgin Islands are a cluster of 60 of which 15 have people living on them. The islands’ motto is a biblical one; ‘where there’s no vision the people will perish’.13. Brunei: Brunei is a small country on the north coast of the island of Borneo. The Sultan of Brunei runs the country and he’s one of the richest men in the world. Islam is the state religion and gradually restrictions on Christians are increasing. Muslims aim for Brunei to be a ‘pure’ Islamic state by 2020 – and offer incentives like jobs and houses to spread Islam. The king is one of the wealthiest men in the world and his family and friends are the most powerful people in the country.
Pray that one of them would become a Christian!

14. Bulgaria: 10,000 Turkish Millet became Christians during the 1990s mainly through supernatural dreams, visions and healings – a major breakthrough in Turkish peoples responding to Jesus! 50% of the population lives below the poverty line.
Pray for the long-term discipleship of these new Christians.
Pray that Christians can be united and effective in rebuilding the country.
Pray for biblical, wise and humble Christian leaders – who can train others to use the gifts they have.

15. Burkina Faso: Landlocked in West Africa, on the edges of the Sahara Desert, Burkina Faso is a country troubled by drought and famine. One of the world’s poorest countries, most of the population makes just enough food to get by each day. Almost 2 million people have left Burkina and resettled in Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and France. Burkina Faso is dominated by idol worship, secret societies and the occult, even in some churches.
Pray that the power of the occult would be broken and the truth of Jesus would not be compromised.
Only 2 indigenous languages in Burkina have a Bible
Pray for the translators who have taken on the awesome challenge of translating more.16. Burundi: The legacy of oppression and killing goes a long way back for the Hutu.
Pray for reconciliation and peace between the Hutu and Tutsi.
Many children have been orphaned through war and there is little chance for them to receive any education.
Pray that organizations can find the opportunity and resources to love and care for these broken kids.

The legacy of oppression and killing goes a long way back for the Hutu. Many through war and there is little chance for them to receive any education.17. Cambodia: Since 1990 there has been an open door for Christians to share the gospel in Cambodia. More and more churches are being planted in Cambodia – there’s a new one every week!
Pray for the Church in Cambodia which has survived through the worst persecution.
Pray for support and cooperation between those in leadership of different churches.

18. Cameroon: Cameroon is one of Africa’s most ethnically complicated countries – over 500 different peoples speaking more than 280 languages. Christian radio and television stations were given permission to broadcast in 2000 – such an exciting opportunity for more people to hear about Jesus! Many significant leaders in the police, army and politics have become Christians which is amazing.
Pray that their influence can bring positive changes into society.
Pray that a personal relationship with God can bring real life to the churches in Cameroon, where many have no spiritual life or real understanding of Jesus.
Pray for the Missionaries that are desperately needed to reach communities living in the north, many of whom are Muslim.

19.-21. Canada: Canada is one of the most multi-cultural societies in the world. At its heart are the three diverse cultures; French, British and native Canadian. Added to this mix are a significant number of people who have come from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Canada’s indigenous people suffered cruelly in the past at the hands of white people. Strong anti-white and anti-Christian propaganda leads many to be suspicious of Christianity and court cases against churches are increasing over their treatment of native Canadians earlier in the 20th century.
Pray for a growth of indigenous leadership and culturally appropriate churches in these communities.
Immigrant communities in Canada continue to grow; Vancouver is the world’s second largest Sikh city and Toronto claims to be the most racially diverse city in the world.
Pray for meaningful evangelism, church planting and spiritual growth into these diverse cultures.

22. Cape Verde: Cape Verde is a collection of fifteen islands of the west coast of Africa. Dry and windswept, the islands have suffered long periods without rain with one drought lasting 20 years – crippling the economy and killing off crops and animals needed for food.
Pray for the country’s leaders – that they can find solutions to the problems facing Cape Verde because of the droughts.
Although many Caboverdians would call themselves Christians, their beliefs are mixed up with other superstitions.
Pray that they would really understand what Christianity is about and turn to Jesus.

23. Cayman Islands: The Caymans are three small islands south of Cuba. Most of the people living on the Cayman Islands are foreigners. Because there’s no tax to pay here and no control over exchange rates the islands are the wealthiest in the Caribbean and major centre for off shore finance. There is one bank for every 50 people in the Caymans! However much of the wealth flowing through the island is actually funding international crime.
Pray that Christians here would be Christ-centered in how they live in the middle of so much wealth and materialism.

24-25. Central African Republic: Whole areas of the Central African Republic (CAR) were cleared from the 17th century onwards, as people were kidnapped and sold into slavery – a practice that continued into the late 19th century. Since the 1960s loads of people have become Christians, but there has not been enough discipleship to see their faith mature. The church is struggling with divisions and lack of trust between leaders.
Pray for leaders to rise up with maturity and a new trust in one another for the sake of the gospel.

26. Chad: With 200 people groups and 120 languages, Chad is one of the most unreached countries in Africa and presents a challenge to the gospel. The harsh natural environment and extreme poverty of Chadians has reduced their life expectancy to just 47 years. The nation is plagued by waterborne diseases, malaria and meningitis.
Pray that the churches in Chad would grow and mature in their faith and discipleship. Many congregations mix Christianity up with other ideas and beliefs and can be legalistic. Pray that the Holy Spirit would be working to bring true freedom in their lives.
There are more unreached peoples in Chad than anywhere else in Africa.
Pray for ongoing support and protection for missionaries already working here.
Pray also that God would call many to dedicate years to learning the languages and building the Kingdom in Chad.

27. Chile: Chile lies on the west coast of Latin America. It is a long, thin country, which has the Pacific Ocean to the west and the mountains of the Andes on the east. The Mapuche are the largest of Chile’s native Amerindian people. Years of abuse and oppression have left them with a deep mistrust of outsiders. Although there is a small community of 4,000 Christians among them, old traditions of animism (worshipping and sacrificing to spirits) hold a strong influence.
The Chilean Church doesn’t have a strong vision for world mission as many churches do not have connections with the bigger picture of the global Church.
Pray that God would break this spiritual isolation and give fresh vision.

28.-31. China, PRC: China is the third largest state in the world. One in five people in the world live in China. The massacre of students at Tiananmen Square in 1989 was a defining moment in China’s history. This event was a turning point for many students and young professionals in the cities who turned to God for the first time. The Christians in China have suffered harsh persecution, but have remained faithful and committed. Churches are growing and seeing the Holy Spirit move in power. The
Communist Party have used a ‘one child’ policy to try and control the growing population. This policy has had devastating effect on society; hundreds of baby girls are abandoned and in some areas where young men outnumber women by up to 40% young women have been abducted, taken as slaves or raped.
Pray for Christians who have a burden for the children of China, especially the girls.
Pray for an outbreak of supernatural revival across this nation.

We have touched many nations this month! Thank you for your continued commitment to join us each month as we cover the globe with our prayers. May you see God move for you in your personal petitions in miraculous ways throughout the year.


Blessings,Lane M. Holland, M.Div.
Prayer Coordinator
Word Ministries

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