Hiring a New Employee

Father, I come to You concerning the position that is available in our company. I believe that for every individual You created You have a perfect will and plan and purpose.
Lord, I ask You to send the right person for this job, a person who, at this time in his/her life, is Your perfect choice to fill the vacant position in our midst.
If such an individual is already working in this organization and we need to promote him/her, thank You for revealing it to that person and to us. If that perfect someone is not currently employed by our company, then draw that individual here.
Father, if the right person is somebody who doesn’t quite match up to our expectations but within whose heart You have placed the potential to be all that we need, please reveal that fact to our hearts. If someone applies with all the natural abilities and talents needed for the job, but whose heart is not right, or for whom the position is not right, put a check in our spirits so that we might know that this is not the person You have chosen.
Father, You told Solomon that You would send him workmen who were talented and cunning for every manner of work. We seek someone who has the right gifts and talents for this job, but we also seek someone with the right character and personality, the right personal attributes. We seek someone who has a spirit and attitude that are pleasing to You; someone whose character, integrity and morality are above reproach; someone who will be an outstanding employee and an excellent co-worker; someone who is willing to accept responsibility and take on new challenges; someone who will be a great leader; someone who will rise to the occasion; someone who is committed and faithful to give his/her best to whatever he/she does.
Thank You for an individual who will be supportive of those in positions of leadership and will pray for and submit to them.
Lord, we do not want anyone who is interested in building his/her own kingdom or anyone whose ego is bigger than his/her heart. We want people who are interested in building Your Kingdom and who know how to submit and follow, yet maintain their own independence. We want self-starters and self-motivators.
Father, we seek an individual who is not too proud to be humble nor too timid to stand up for what is right. Send us a thinker. Send us someone who is teachable and eager to learn and to take up new duties and responsibilities.
I thank You, Lord, that in the interview process You will reveal to us the precise individual for the position that is open.
Father, not our will, but Your will be done. I thank You for sending just the perfect individual, called and anointed of You, to fill this position.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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