Daily Prayer for February 20

A Love That Pursues the Generations

The call came on this day in the year 2002! God had given our granddaughter, Leah, a baby girl! God loves strong-willed people and it was obvious from the beginning He had given Tabitha a strong-will! God chose her before the foundation of the world to love as His very own! While she was being formed in her mother’s womb, His thoughts toward her were precious. He alone knew the abilities and gifts that she would need to walk the paths that He made for her. Tabitha loves her family and playing basketball. God have her a strong compassion for others and I believe that she will grow up to be a leader! Leader’s need strong wills, which are submitted to God, and compassion. God has great plans for Tabitha who cares for others and desires to help the poor.

Father, I pray for all my family – including children, grandchildren and their children, lifting them to You as living memorials. The multitude of blessings that have come down through generations will continue to multiply and overtake them. I ask You to reveal who Jesus is to them, and they will recognize and know that You are God! Our posterity–future generations–can never escape from Your Spirit! They can never get away from Your presence! If they go up to heaven, you are there; if they go down to the grave, You are there. If they ride the wings of the morning, or dwell by the farthest oceans, even there Your hand will guide them, and Your strength will support them.  They were born for such a time as this for Your purposes… to fulfill Your plans. The glory of the Lord has risen upon them in the name of Jesus.

Scripture References: Psalm 139:7-16; Esther 4:14