Prayers to Change The World Intro

Prayers to Change the World Series

I’m excited to share this introduction to Prayers That Avail Much for the Nations. In the book of Psalm God says, “Ask of Me and I will give you the Nations as your inheritance.” (Ps 2:8) The time is now! It is harvest time—the time of God’s desire to be fulfilled for Nations. There is a spiritual war raging in the atmosphere for the souls of mankind. Jesus, our Commander, has defeated Satan and equipped the Body of Christ to stand against Satan’s forces of evil! We are the enforcers of a victory already won. The sound of the trumpet is filling the atmosphere announcing “the day of the Lord is drawing near!”

It is the time to lay aside any hindrance which includes such things as pride, prejudice, a judgmental & critical spirit and attitude—that would hinder answered prayer. The love of God for the world is sent to fill the hearts of His people! Amazing love that compels us to pray for the people of the world. Take up the powerful weapons of warfare and stand strong in the Lord against the unseen Armageddon forces of the evil one. Individually & corporately we are the house of prayer for all nations. Our Lord has gone before us & today He leads us in triumph against Satan and the forces of darkness. Will you answer the call to join the army of the Lord—the Commander of heavenly armies?

I invite you to enlist today. Go to our website and become a member of our team – A Global Company of Intercessors. We are one! Thank you for listening…

In the following videos we will be discussing the issues facing our nation and world, what we can do about them, and how to develop your “war room” as we dive deeper into understanding The Powerful Weapon of Prayer.

Before I say goodbye for today I share this quote from Christine Caine — “No one stream of the church is strong in all areas. This is precisely why we need each other. If we would only humble ourselves enough to learn from one another we would move forward in strength, instead of continuing to circle the same old mountains. We are better together.”