God’s Path to Mental Health Bundle

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Book 1: Prayers That Avail Much To Overcome Anxiety $ Depression Description

You Can Live in Peace!

Anxiety and depression don’t play fair. And their partners—fear, worry, panic attacks, PTSD, and hurt—kick you when you’re down and push you down further. These enemies oppress people in epidemic proportions.

If you battle for peace of mind, Germaine Copeland is living proof there is hope!

In Prayers That Avail Much to Overcome Anxiety and Depression, Germaine tells how she battled depression so severe she wanted to end her life. But while circumstances came to crush her, God taught her how to pray prayers that avail much. She shares with you the way out of turmoil into triumph.

You will discover…

· Powerful, scriptural prayers that defeat mental torment

· Liberating and candid testimonies from others who have been delivered from anxiety and depression such as Rick Renner, Lynne Hammond, Max Davis, and many more

· How to saturate yourself in supernatural prayer therapy and praises until peace reigns in your life

Freedom from anxiety and depression is within your reach! God’s Word will show you the way.

Book 2: God’s Path to Mental Health Description

In God’s Path to Mental Health—Rick Renner, Eddie Turner, Kylie Oaks Gatewood, and Germaine Copeland—team up to deliver scriptural and supernatural help such as:

  • How you can win on the mind battlefield
  • What to do when the devil “trash talks” you
  • Dressing yourself in impenetrable armor
  • Wielding your supernatural weaponry
  • Scriptures that shut up the devil

These four authors have each been through the trenches when it comes to obsessive thoughts and depression, and they’ve practiced what they preach to defeat mental torment and find God’s pathway to mental health. Now it’s your turn! Let them help you take back your life and walk peacefully and free!

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